Space Conquest Quantum

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Man’s conquests across time and space have only just begun. The Space Conquest Quantum Timepiece, the last piece in the collection, concludes in celebration of a momentous glimpse into our growing future.

From the first man on the moon to space adventures to Mars,
there is no limit to the infinite space that we have yet to discover. Showcasing mankind’s strides and ventures into unchartered waters and skies, this masterpiece encapsulates our near distant future.

Main Features:

* The moon is crafted through a unique process of silver whitening and the engraved terrain is completely identical to the visible side of the moon
* The satellite is made of gold and diamonds orbiting a space made of druzy agate
* On the dial, NASA’s Voyager Disk is engraved. In 1977, NASA launched it into space containing information about the earth and humanity
* An original meteorite has been used on the buckle
* Handcrafted in 786 days


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