About Us


Q8-Horology is an official retailer and distributor for watches and accessories brands with an e-commerce platform which offers the shopper a convenient experience to find out the goods and purchase instead of queuing up in the boutiques.

Q8-Horology offers you a vast collection of premium watches and accessories that will without a doubt satisfy your inner fashion and luxurious needs. After all, What Q8-Horology got is perfect for a personal purchase to pamper yourself, the perfect spot to select a gift for your beloved ones at any occasion. We at Q8-Horology, are committed to provide extremely exceptional watches and accessories with finest materials, along with best deals you could find for a comparable goods.

After all, watches now provides much more than simply telling time. In most cases, they become like a masterpiece added to glow your outfit, in addition to the joy of collecting them which only passionate watches collectors would relate for that.

Shop on the go

Q8-Horology provides extremely easy and unique method for online retail experience, and to select your desired fashion upgrade. Our online shop is fully compatible with the device you want to access it with, be it a cellular, tablet or computer. We accept Visa and K-net.


Q8-Horology offers superior watches and accessories from different top brands around the world. It also updates the collection continuously to keep you up-to-date with the world’s latest trends and releases.

Security and Privacy

Be at ease that Q8-Horology shop is extremely safe to purchase from. The website is secured against any type of personal information theft. As well as any fraud or other threat you can think of. All items are 100% authentic, brands new and guaranteed by the mother company and by Q8-Horology as the distributer.